Choreography – an expression of self, an outlet of emotion - story telling through music and movement...the art of dance.


When & Where -


  • January 2015  A Touch Of Class, New Orleans, LA
  • January 2015  Tiffany & Co. Dance Studio, New Orleans, LA
  • January 2015  Nancy's School Of Dance, Gulf Port, MS
  • January 2015  DMA Master Class Staff, Woodinville, WA
  • February 2015 VDV Productions, McMinnville, OR
  • February - June 2015 Judge, Kids Artistic Revue
  • April 2015  Master Classes, Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ - 
  • May 2015  Master Classes, Kona, HI
  • May 2015  Diversity Dance Studio, Billings, MT
  • May 2015  Rimview Dance Studio, Billings, MT
  • June - July 2015  Master Classes, Copenhagen, Denmark
After Michelle visited our studio and taught master classes, my staff, students and I all felt revived in the spirit of dance. Michelle inspired us all to dance from within. Her choreography is a refreshing change and a reflection of her creativity. We were fortunate to have worked with such an inspiring dancer and choreographer.
— Erin Spriggs Owner/Director Dance Expressions Kansas City, KS
Michelle has amazing vision, and can actually make her ideas into reality. What is even more remarkable, is her ability to communicate to the dancers exactly what she wants, and what they need to do in order for a piece to be successful. Her dancers, from the youngest to the oldest, understand exactly what is expected of them and can follow through with breathtaking movement.
— Marty Roberts Owner/Director Backstage Dance Studio Bellevue, WA
As a dance studio owner and member of Dance Masters of America, I highly proclaim the amazing teaching and choreography talents of Michelle. Having known Michelle for over 2 decades, I’m always impressed with her as a teacher, mentor to her students and versatile choreographer. My own students have been taught from a number of instructors within the Pacific Northwest and Michelle is a huge favorite- simply one of the best! Her instruction is patient and motivating. Her technique and style is taught in a manner that makes sense ... she inspires students to want to continue improving and reach their fullest potential. Michelle’s depth of dance experience and understanding of student development makes her classes challenging and valuable beyond belief. There are instructors that have strength in either jazz or contemporary, but there is no one better than Michelle who can teach and choreograph both styles effectively. If you have an opportunity to watch her teach or see her competition choreography, her love for dance will be apparent and you will appreciate her artistry and passion to make each dancer feel special.
— Stephanie McDougall-Rud, Dance Premier Owner/PRODIGY Dance Company Artistic Director
Michelle understands music and movement. Her choreography has a depth and texture that’s hard to find but more importantly, she has the ability to convey it to the average student.
— Don Mirault Owner/Creator Virtual Dance Class Las Vegas, NV